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Snowblower Maintenance Snowblower Maintenance Snowblower Maintenance

Snowblower Maintenance

From $ 69.99 - $ 99.95 CAD Plus parts

Be ready for winter with a freshly tuned up and services snowblower from Richview Lawn Equipment in Barrie

Richview Lawn Equipment in Barrie, Ontario offers riding and walk behind snowblower maintenance services

Snowblowers require annual maintenance, which is why Richview Lawn Equipment Ltd. specializes in keeping your snowblower ready for action! Richview Lawn Equipment Ltd. will pick up your snowblower, perform maintenance and fix any problems discovered, then return it to your doorstep! Our mechanics are experienced with a vast variety of snowblowers ensuring effective and efficient service.

We will: check and replace oil, ensure there is a clean fuel filter in place, degrease dirty areas, check the tires, check the fuel cap, inspect slide shoes and other parts for wear, replace the spark plug, and so much more!

Whether you need snowblower maintenance for a riding or walk behind snow blower, we've got you covered. Our certified staff have years of experience with snowblower repairs and snowblower maintenance service for all makes and models.

Tip: Stale gas leftover in your snowblower through the summer may clog up the carburetor. Add a fuel stabilizer to your snowblowers gas tank at the end of the season to prevent this problem!

Don't get caught with a driveway full of snow this winter with a malfunctioning snowblower. We have yet to see the full force of winter in Barrie - get your snowblower serviced with the professionals at Richview Lawn Equipment in Barrie, Ontario. For more information on snowblower maintenance, please give us a call!

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